Upcoming events

Please email the Leeds Interdisciplinary Mental Health Research Network via LIMHRN@leeds.ac.uk to join the following events and workshops.


Grant workshop for three upcoming funding calls in mental health

24 January 2023, 12pm – 2pm. Venue: Parkinson SR (2.31) Seminar room

Are you interested in leading, or joining a team to apply for a major upcoming funding call in mental health? This workshop aims to provide targeted support for researchers interested in applying for one of the following funding calls:

  • NIHR: Interventions to increase the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Deadline: Stage 1 application 4 April 2023.
  • NIHR: Interventions that impact loneliness. Deadline: Stage 1 application 15 August 2023.
  • Wellcome Trust: Mental Health Award for tackling anxiety and depression Deadline: 7 June 2023.

How we can help

  • Get expert insight into these funding schemes from a research manager.
  • Find out how the University of Leeds can support your application.
  • Meet other researchers to explore the potential to work together on an application.
  • Hear from former successful applicants to these schemes.
  • Hear about our collaboration with Leeds City Council’s public mental health team and how they can help support your application. You can partner with LCC where it adds value.
  • Find out how you can access lived experiences panels to support an application from its earliest stages.

Register your interest

For more information about the event, please email Raginie Duara at R.Duara@Leeds.ac.uk

Mental health and communication policy

1 February 2023, 10am – 12pm. Online event.

Join a research seminar that aims to bring together interdisciplinary perspectives on the links between mental health and communication policy.

In this research seminar, The Leeds Interdisciplinary Mental Health Research Network is hosting a series of presentations, debates and discussions to support the creation of new partnerships and collaborative funding applications.

Topics of discussion

  • How is national communication law and policy addressing the topic of mental health?
  • Should internet platforms be required to take greater responsibility for mental health concerns of users?
  • How is mental health represented in media and what are the effects?
  • Can communication itself intervene in mental health / mental health care?
  • What policies are developing around intercultural communication, competency and sensitivity?
  • What behaviours or trends are being observed in uses of technology, and what are the policy implications?

Outcomes intended

  • Ideas for sustaining a network of related research in the UK.
  • Spurring new partnerships and collaborative funding applications.

Register your interest

For more information about the event, please email Dr Kristofer Erickson at K.Erickson@leeds.ac.uk