Video transcript: University of Leeds - We are waiting for you

Transcript for the video embedded on the Undergraduate Open Days page.

[A narrator speaks over a video of lots of images of the University of Leeds including shots of the campus, students studying, cycling, trekking mountains, DJ-ing, playing sports and conducting experiments in a lab.]

Narrator: “The future we choose is determined here and now.
Think beyond today; join a world top 100 university. 
On a campus in a city of culture and diversity, be part of our welcoming and supportive student community.
The next generation of Leeds is rich history and for you an incredible range of opportunities to make your time with us unique.
Life changing experiences - not just a degree.
Start your university journey and come and see what the difference is.
Our groundbreaking research is leading the way to solve global challenges.
To change how we live and learn.
Challenge your thinking.
Become an expert in your field.
Go out and change the world.
Study abroad, travel, volunteer and change lives.
Or build your work experience and start your career.
The perfect place for you to live, learn and open doors.
To prepare for the world ahead.
For a future that's yours.
The University of Leeds…we’re waiting for you”