It is important that you get the right visa for your study in the UK. The length of time you can stay in the UK depends on your visa.

European Economic Area (EEA)
or Swiss nationals

The UK is leaving the EU and therefore the UK immigration requirements are due to change in 2020.

EEA and Swiss nationals applying to study in the UK for a semester or year may need to apply for permission to live in the UK.

Further information can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Nationals from outside of the EEA
or Switzerland

There are two types of visa to choose from, they are the Tier 4 (general) student visa and the Short term study visa.

The length of time you can stay in the UK depends on your visa.

Short term study visas

If you choose to apply for a short-term study visa there are two ways to apply, depending on your nationality.

  • If your nationality is on the UK Government’s list of visa national countries you must apply online before you travel. Check if your country is on the list of visa national countries.
  • If your nationality is not on this list (a non-visa national country) you can choose to apply online before you travel or you can get the correct immigration permission when you arrive at the UK airport (non-visa nationals) but, if you do this, you must follow the rules listed below.
Find out more about applying for a Short term study visa.

If you choose to get the immigration permission when you arrive, you must follow these rules:

  • You must see a border control officer and get a ‘Short-term study visa’ stamp in your passport. Please do not use the electronic ePassport gates as you will not receive the correct immigration permission stamp if you enter the UK this way.
  • You can download or print this request for passport stamp document to present to a Border Force official upon arrival when seeking permission to enter the UK. 
  • You must not enter via the Republic of Ireland. If you do, you will not pass through UK immigration control and you will not get the correct permission for study in the UK. You will only have permission to remain in the UK for 3 months. This means you will need to leave the UK and enter again the correct way.
  • Always carry your University of Leeds offer letter, proof of accommodation booked in Leeds and your most recent bank statements with you in your hand luggage to present to an Immigration Officer to provide evidence for the purpose of your stay.
  • Confirm that you are coming to the UK to study if you are asked what the reason for your visit is.