Policy Leeds will support Leeds researchers and policy professionals to build deeper relationships and more innovative collaborations through our strategic initiatives.

The targeted initiatives will seek to boost policy-related collaborations and engagements around key policy areas where the University has particular research expertise that aligns with current or anticipated policy needs. 

The strategic initiatives will draw together researchers at Leeds who have similar policy interests, to create pools of policy relevant expertise for policy professionals to draw on. Responding flexibly to the needs of the identified policy area, the initiatives will support a range of activities over a six month period to develop and build long-lasting and sustainable relationships.

We welcome suggestions from policy professionals for areas to develop strategic initiatives, and are happy to work with you to explore the possibilities.

Policy Leeds will support strategic policy initiatives by providing project management and event organisation capacity and a budgetary contribution between £3,000 and £5,000 per initiative (excluding staff costs, IT and equipment). 

We are currently working towards starting our first two pilot initiatives in January 2021. After this pilot phase, we hope to release open calls on a quarterly basis for further initiatives, with the intention of supporting around four initiatives per year.