We work with our researchers to condense the latest research evidence into accessible, relevant and timely policy briefs.

Policy notes provide short two-page synopses, whereas our policy briefs provide slightly more in-depth treatments while still being concise.

  • Boosting early years learning during COVID-19. Policy note 2, 25 May 2021. Children who attended Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) during lockdown gained greater language and thinking skills, particularly in children from less advantaged backgrounds. The Government should keep childcare open in the event of future lockdowns and remove barriers to access.
  • Developing UK strategy for nuclear SMRs. Policy brief 6, 06 Jan 2021. Nuclear Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) can play a role in UK decarbonisation. SMR investments are potentially more affordable and less risky, and may attract a range of investors. But the government needs a strategy to support UK SMRs.
  • The path to a doughnut shaped recovery. Policy brief 5, 16 Dec 2020. This policy brief considers what it would take to use the doughnut economics model instead of GDP growth to guide our recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Tackling childhood food poverty in the UK. Policy brief 4, 9 Dec 2020. Actions needed from national government and local authorities to reduce childhood food poverty where identified by a panel of experts.
  • Supporting decision making for resilient net-zero infrastructure. Policy brief 3, 17 Nov 2020. New decision making approaches developed for infrastructure could help recovery from Covid and plan for climate change. 
  • Using the underground to fight climate change. Policy brief 2, SRI 29. Sept 2020. Using mines or aquifers for heat and energy storage provides an opportunity for low carbon economic regeneration.
  • Growing a resilient food system in Leeds. Policy brief 1, SRI 28. Sept 2020. Leeds has many strengths and opportunities to develop a climate resilient food system, but leadership and vision are needed.
  • Post-16 maths for all: the role of Core Maths. Policy note 1. Sept 2020. A three year study on the uptake of Core Maths highlights that further support is needed to meet government ambitions.