Students' Union

You’ll join one of the best and most active students’ unions in the country. Its mission is to make sure you love your time at Leeds. 

Leeds University Union (LUU) brings together our student community and is 100% student-led. With more than 1,000 student reps, you can be sure your voice will be heard on the things that matter to you. 

The Union building is in the middle of campus. It’s a place where you can meet, work, socialise and relax. 

There are shops, cafes, bars, clubs and flexible spaces where you can organise your own event. Top bands and artists play there too. 

LUU is independent of the University of Leeds and offers free and impartial help and advice if things don't go quite to plan.

You can also find part-time work through Joblink.

Clubs and societies

“I spend most of my free time in the societies. It’s a great way to relax and there’s a real sense of community. I’ve made lots of friends through the K-pop dance society and this has exposed me to different cultures.”

Adeline Wong

Leeds University Union runs more than 300 student-led clubs and societies, so you’ll find something whatever your interests.  

Football, debating, theatre, gaming, dance, photography and even skydiving are just a few of your options. There are also different national and faith societies too. 

If you and your friends want to take part in an activity which doesn’t have a club, the Union will help you set one up. 

They’re a great way to meet new people and create some amazing memories. You’ll also develop valuable skills while you’re studying, like teamworking and leadership.  

Most academic schools also have their own societies, so you can get to know people from other courses and year groups.