Paying for online courses

If your course is 100% online you may be able to pay your fees module by module. Please consult your Admissions contact.

If you are sponsored (for example by your employer) and require an invoice you will not be able to pay your fees by module.

You will need to confirm how you will be paying your fees before you register for the course.

Paying module by module

Fees for each course are available on Course Search. If your 100% online course fee can be paid module by module, the fee payments break down as follows:

  • First payment is required before you begin the course.
  • Then pay for each module as you take it. There are typically nine or ten modules depending on the course structure.
  • The final payment is for the project module fee.

You can pay for a module through our online store by credit card or PayPal. You will need your student number. 

Paying with a postgraduate loan (UK only)

If you are receiving a postgraduate student loan from Student Finance you can set up an instalment plan in line with your loan payments. This instalment plan will be available once we have received confirmation from Student Finance that your loan has been approved.

The postgraduate loan instalment plan is three instalments by direct debit from a current account. Payments are taken on the first of the month.

  • One third payable two months after start month. 
  • One third payable five months after start month.
  • One third payable eight months after start month.

Details for your current account must be provided when you set up your instalment plan, we will not take an immediate payment using these details.

Please note: If you default on your first payment and do not bring your account immediately up to date you risk being withdrawn from your programme.

Invoices for sponsors and employers

If your fees are being paid by a third party or organisation (for example employer) and they require an invoice, payment needs to be made upfront for each year of study and you will need to follow the fees process for sponsored students.

Other online courses

If your online distance learning programme is not delivered through the Digital Education Service, you cannot make payments through the online store and must follow the standard University of Leeds payment procedures.