STEM online taster courses

These online courses are ideal if you are interested in exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

If you are thinking of studying for an undergraduate degree and you are considering your next steps, then these courses might be for you. Join an individual online course to get a taste of the subject explored or programmes of courses to expand your knowledge on a specific topic.  

Individual taster courses 

Chemical engineering: shaping a sustainable future

Chemical engineers are providing answers to global challenges such as climate change, food security, and effective healthcare. Join this online course to explore the exciting world of chemical engineering and learn how chemical engineers develop and design chemical manufacturing processes to provide sustainable solutions.

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Planet Earth: understanding and protecting our environment

Discover the processes of the hydrosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere and explore the impact of human activity and climate change on our planet. You will learn how scientists are addressing environmental problems such as food management and invasive species in a sustainable way and find out about research at Leeds that helps monitor the effects of climate change. This course is designed to give you a taste of what it is like to study for undergraduate degrees in physical geography and environmental science. 

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Food science and nutrition: from the farm to you

Follow the fascinating journey of food from the farm into your body and explore new food technologies and nutrition around the world. On this course, you will find out about the food supply chain and how food processing can make food healthier. You will learn how food science and nutrition help us to study the fascinating world of food. This course will give you a taste of what it is like to study for undergraduate degrees in food science and nutrition. 

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Ecology and wildlife conservation

Discover how the work of conservation biologists and the study of ecosystems can help with conserving the world’s biodiversity. Explore the impact of wind farms on populations of seabirds, and investigate advanced techniques of studying different ecosystems such as coral reef. This course is a taster to undergraduate degrees in conservation biology, biology and zoology. 

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Atmospheric chemistry: planets and life beyond Earth

Investigate the chemical composition of planetary atmospheres across our solar system and beyond and explore the possibility of finding life beyond Earth. Discover what an atmosphere is, how it’s formed, and how data collected from space missions are used to determine a planet’s atmosphere. Atmospheric chemistry is one of the most exciting aspects of studying chemistry at undergraduate level. 

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Exploring cancer medicines

Explore what it is like to study for an undergraduate degree in medicinal chemistry by looking into the topic of cancer chemotherapy. Find out what cancer chemotherapy is, how it was developed and how the development of effective medications for the treatment of cancer remains a significant challenge to scientists. You will also explore how science is communicated to the general public, and learn the skills needed to become an effective science writer.

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