If you are studying in schools or colleges and are interested in studying art and design or cultures and humanities at university, then this collection of courses will help you expand your knowledge in a range of relevant subjects and will complement the work you are completing at school. 

Join an individual online course to get a taste of the subject or a programme of courses to expand your knowledge on a specific topic.  

Individual taster courses  

Physical theatre: exploring the slap

This online course will introduce you to theatre and the world-renowned Russian director Meyerhold’s technique of biomechanics. You will get a taste of what it is like to study drama and experience his revolutionary biomechanical étude, ‘the slap’.

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Innovation: the fashion industry

This online course explores how big fashion retailers innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Through fascinating case studies on Marks & Spencer, you will find out about the innovation process in the fashion industry. You will then explore future fabric and garment innovation directions and discuss technologies that have affected the fashion industry.

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WW1 heroism: through art and film

In this online course, you will discover some of the ways that heroism is portrayed through art and film. You will explore recruitment posters and their messages, explore contemporary German film and then compare it to a recent book, film, or TV programme about the First World War.

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Introduction to intercultural studies

This collection of five online courses will introduce you to intercultural studies and help you gain an understanding of the terms 'culture' and 'interculturality'. Each course within the collection will allow you to explore a different area of intercultural studies. 

You will examine the effects of the interaction between cultures and learn about the theories that underpin the study of these interactions. You will explore specific aspects of cultural interactions such as borders, languages and international business. 

You can access all courses within the collection for free and in any order, providing a flexible way to enhance your knowledge. 

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