These online courses are specially designed for high school students interested in studying a health science subject at university. 

Join an individual online course to get a taste of the subject explored or programs of courses to expand your knowledge on a specific topic.

Individual taster courses 

Anatomy: know your abdomen 

This online course will introduce you to the workings of the human abdomen, the positions of organs within the abdomen and common anatomical terminology. You will look at the anterior abdominal wall and study the composition of the gastrointestinal tract. You’ll learn the common problems that can occur in the tract and hear from an abdominal surgeon about the work he does to treat them. This course is a taster to degrees in health and biological sciences. 

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Collection of online courses on FutureLearn 

Causes of human disease 

This collection of five online courses looks at the science behind the causes of human disease. Each course within the collection focuses on different types of common diseases such as infectious, cardiovascular and genetic diseases and cancer and explores how social determinants, nutrition and environmental factors influence our health.

Join leading academics and learn about pioneering research from the University of Leeds to understand the causes and the main determinants of human disease. 

You can access all courses within the collection for free and in any order, providing a flexible way to enhance your  knowledge. 

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