These free online courses, part of our Going to University collection, are specifically designed for students at high schools or colleges. They provide a taster of undergraduate study at the University of Leeds. 

Each course or collection of courses (FutureLearn Program) is focusing on a specific field of study. 

The online courses will help you pick up key skills that would enable you to study online and will extend your knowledge in a specific topic. This way you will be able to decide which subject to study at university. 

If you are a teacher, find out how you can use these online courses in your teaching on our pages with additional guides, resources and support.

Our Going to University courses

The courses are delivered on FutureLearn, where you will join a community of online learners from around the world.

See the courses included in the following categories and find the right course for you:

Benefits of our courses 

Shaped by the latest research from the University of Leeds and delivered by leading Leeds academics who are experts in their field, our online courses offer many benefits if you are considering university including:

  • Providing evidence of prior learning and preparation for university as part of a UCAS application
  • Helping you gain new skills, think critically and learn independently
  • Encouraging online and social learning amongst post-16 students
  • Developing collaboration and analytical skills
  • Introducing and embedding current research into students' learning of a subject area.

The courses take place entirely online, providing opportunities for interactive learning through videos, articles, quizzes and discussions.

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