Social cities

How do we retain our cultural and built heritage and work towards an inclusive and fair society for all?

Social cities projects

We are involved in the following projects relating to social cities.

Revolt in the 'square': spatial modelling of urban stability in modern cities. New insights and approaches for preventing conflict and violence

The Revolt in the Square project looks at the emergence of urban unrest in the Middle East. It focuses on a pilot study of Martyrs Square in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The project will reconstruct historical events and analyse acts of dissidence, taking into account the social-political and economic conditions at that time, to move towards more reliable predictors of stability. Contact us for more information.

Living well within limits (LiLi)

The interdisciplinary LiLi project will examine the link between our use of energy resources and human-wellbeing. In particular, it asks ‘How can these scarce resources be best employed to enhance and preserve wellbeing?’ It is expected that the outcomes of the project could be applied to industrialised and developing cities.

INTALInC Network: Meeting the needs of vulnerable population in developing cities

The transport network brings together partners to design and deliver socially inclusive transport systems in four cities in the Global South: Cape Coast (Ghana), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Lagos (Nigeria) and Kampala (Uganda). The network focuses particularly on the severe plight of the most highly vulnerable members of the city communities and the benefits they could get from improved access to mobility.

Socially Inclusive Cities Network

The Socially Inclusive Cities Network focuses on how research could help reduce inequalities, particularly for minority ethnic or religious populations in public services in low and middle income countries. It aims to identify strategies for change that can be used across different services within a city to help create inclusive cities.

Work with us on social cities

For enquiries about working with us on social cities, email To speak to a particular academic working in this area see the contacts page.