A professional and career development loan (PCDL) is a commercial bank loan for learners to help pay for work-related learning. Learners can borrow from £300 to £10,000 from a participating bank to help support their course.

As a bank loan it is very different from other forms of funding such as grants. It must be repaid even if the learner does not finish their course, so it involves serious commitment.

Professional and career development loans can be used to support a wide range of courses. This includes any full-time, part-time or distance learning course that leads to employment or enhances job skills.

Find out more on the Gov.uk website about professional and career development loans

What we need from you before you can register

If you apply for a PCDL to pay your University tuition fees, the bank will send you a course start notification form and a loan breakdown of how your loan will be paid.

You need to bring this form to the Fees team in the Student Services Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building.

You should complete part one of the course start notification form, we will complete part two of the form, take a copy, and return the original to you. You then return the form to the bank.

When we receive the loan breakdown from you we will update your student record to show that you are receiving the specified sum of fees from the PCDL. 

What to pay the University

If you are receiving 100% of the loan, you do not need to pay any tuition fees to the University. If you are receiving a partial loan, there are two ways you can pay the balance to the University.

You can pay:

  • in full before, or at, registration by cheque, bank transfer, or credit or debit card
  • or in two instalments, paying one 50% instalment before, or at, registration by cheque, bank transfer, or credit or debit card transfer, and a second 50% instalment in February by direct debit from a UK current account, not a savings account.

Alternative methods of payment for the second instalment are not accepted. Students who cancel their direct debit must pay the outstanding balance in full immediately.

The second option involves setting up an instalment plan. To do this, contact the Fees team

The bank usually sends the loan in instalments directly to the University. We will inform you if we do not receive the initial instalment within eight weeks of registration. If this happens, please contact the bank to ask them why the loan payment has been delayed; tell us straight away if there are any problems.

If we do not receive your loan payment, we will follow university policy and transfer the tuition fees to your account. Once you are notified of this, you will be responsible for paying the outstanding balance. Ways to pay can be found on our how to pay page

If you have any queries about the PCDL and your University account, email the Fees team by contacting  sponsors@leeds.ac.uk