Agricultural energy systems

Agricultural energy systems

Agriculture accounts for a significant and difficult to decarbonise proportion of both the UK and University of Leeds carbon footprint. Energy is central to decarbonising agriculture, yet there is relatively little research in this area.

Bringing together a wealth of interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Leeds with partners from across the farming and energy sectors, we are developing innovative solutions that can help to decarbonise both the University Research Farm and the wider sector across the UK.

  • Our work on agri-energy systems

    Read about how we are working together to decarbonise agricultural energy systems.

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  • Equipment and facilities

    Find out about the specialist equipment and facilities we are using to develop and test new forms of agri-energy systems.

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  • Bioenergy

    Our agri-energy work builds on our strong track record in bioenergy research.

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  • Smart farm

    At the University’s Research Farm, we work with academic and industry partners from across the UK to co-develop high-quality research programmes that address modern agricultural challenges.

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