Our vision

Fair Energy Futures brings together extensive interdisciplinary evidence from across Energy Leeds.

Our researchers work with industry, government, civil society partners and the public, including those with direct experience of energy inequalities, to develop urgently needed solutions that provide clean, secure, and affordable energy systems as we transition to Net Zero.

Fair Energy Futures aims to showcase research undertaken at the University of Leeds, to increase community and collaboration among researchers, to develop new interdisciplinary research, and to catalyse opportunities to build partnerships with policy-makers and practitioners.   

Our trusted and impartial research builds on national and global experience and best practice. It listens to the voices of those affected, and navigates conflicts between competing interests and priorities to explore what fair energy futures will look like. Our goal is to develop new policies and solutions that address the social and environmental injustices associated with energy production and demand. 

We have specific interests in consumption and energy efficiency, policy, governance, and engagement for fair energy futures, and the justice aspects of technology and innovation.