Hydrogen has the potential to help the UK to meet its target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 by offering a solution for sectors that are difficult to decarbonise, such as heavy industry, heat and transport.

Leeds researchers are working with key stakeholders from across academia, government, industry and civil society to understand the role that hydrogen could play, address some of the key challenges and ensure a just and equitable transition.  

Our researchers are developing cutting–edge hydrogen appliances, innovative ways to produce hydrogen from waste materials and investigating the role of hydrogen in decarbonising industries such as glass and steel.

We have ongoing projects looking at the potential for hydrogen in the transport system and understanding the socio-political, community and market factors that may influence the large-scale application of hydrogen.

Read a case study about how our researchers are finding ways to replace natural gas with hydrogen as a way to heat homes

Establishing the UK Hydrogen Corridor

The University of Leeds is part of the ‘Establishing the UK Hydrogen Corridor’ Strength in Places Fund project which brings together leading researchers and key stakeholders from industry and government. Together, we will develop the knowledge and skills to support the role of hydrogen in decarbonising heat, transport and industry in the Tees Valley and Leeds City Regions.

The project is led by TWI Ltd which was awarded seedcorn funding in 2019 and has since submitted a full proposal to the fund.

As part of the seedcorn phase, researchers at Leeds produced three reports which established the current status and opportunities for hydrogen and helped to inform the full bid.

Download the following 'Establishing the UK Hydrogen Corridor' reports:

National Hydrogen Summit

On 27 to 28 June 2019 the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council hosted the first National Hydrogen Summit which brought together key stakeholders from across the UK to look at the opportunities for hydrogen in the energy system. For more details download the National Hydrogen Summit report (PDF).

Hear from some of the key stakeholders with a selection of short interviews on our National Hydrogen Summit YouTube playlist.