eMentoring information

Our online mentoring scheme aims to match students with mentors in the industry sector they’d like to enter after graduating.

The aim of the scheme is to provide students with insight into an industry, roles and career paths within their selected career area. The scheme has been designed to match students with a professional who can provide tailored support and guidance. We aim for students to build their career confidence, commercial awareness and employability skills in order to better prepare them for entering the workplace.

Who are the students and what support do they need?

The scheme is open to undergraduate students from any year and degree. Many of our students come from backgrounds that are under-represented at university, who may lack the relevant networks and confidence to pursue their current career interests.

Students on this scheme express that they would like support with:

  • Improving their networking skills and building their professional network
  • Developing and tailoring their CV, application and interview skills
  • Gaining insight into what it is like to work in a particular industry/role
  • Developing their career confidence and self-awareness
  • Identifying skills gaps and opportunities to develop these skills
  • Defining and actioning career-related goals

What is the timeline and time commitment?

For the 2022/23 academic year, the scheme will run in Semester 1 (October-December) and Semester 2 (February-April), giving mentoring pairs around 8 weeks together.

The Semester 2 scheme in 2023 will run from Monday 27th February – Friday 21st April. We ask pairs to communicate for an hour per week during the scheme, which can be over email, phone call or online meeting. Students are expected to be proactive in setting up meetings, articulating their goals for the mentoring scheme to their mentors and acting on the relevant advice between meetings.

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

Being a mentor gives you the opportunity to:

  • Broaden your perspective and gain insight into the views and challenges of current students
  • Enhance your communication, listening and interpersonal skills
  • Share insights, wisdom and experience with the next generation entering the workplace
  • Reflect on your own practice and enhance your learning
  • Contribute to the development of another person
  • Gain recognition and respect for your skills and experience
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfilment and personal growth
  • Access an emerging talent pool

What are the expectations of mentors on eMentoring?

Mentors on eMentoring are required to be University of Leeds alumni, with at least 1 year of industry experience.

As a mentor on eMentoring, you are expected to commit to providing support to your mentee for an hour a week for the duration of the scheme. Your role is to work in partnership with your mentee, advising and encouraging their professional development, while supporting them as they develop their ideas and pursue their career goals.

In your first meeting, you will establish your meeting and communication preferences, and we ask that you are responsive to your mentee when they contact you to set up meetings. Mentees will be provided with support in preparing and setting up meetings.

What training and support is provided?

You will be provided with a handbook and support resources to support you as a mentor. This includes information on the scheme aims, timelines as well as confidentiality, safety and respect. If you are new to mentoring, we also have a range of resources with mentoring tips and advice to help you develop your skills as a mentor. We also include a list of the support available for students at the Careers Service at Leeds to help you signpost your mentee to wider support. There is also an optional online mentor induction session during the first week of the scheme, which you are welcome to attend.

Students are provided with a handbook, as well as meeting templates, guides to preparing for meetings and Careers Service resources.

The Mentoring and Widening Participation Team conducts regular check ins with pairs throughout the scheme and is available to contact via email or a Teams meeting at your request. Email the Mentoring and Widening Participation Team at mentoring@leeds.ac.uk.

How do I register as a mentor?

To register, please fill in your details on the registration form by Monday 6 February 2023. This should take around 5-10 minutes to fill in. The information you provide will help us to appropriately match you with a mentee.

Please note we cannot guarantee a match each Semester as it depends on the student demand. We will only match pairs if we believe that their roles/industries are aligned and if you are able to support them in the areas they have identified.

If you have any queries, please email Georgia Clarke via mentoring@leeds.ac.uk.