Internships and placements

Do you have a project you don’t have time to complete? Need to develop a particular area of the business but not sure it needs a permanent member of staff? It’s time to bring a Leeds student into your organisation.

Leeds students are itching for the kind of career experience that you can provide. When you host an intern or placement student, you’re bringing a talented, enthusiastic individual with a range of skills to your team. 

Your internship or placement gives immeasurable value to a student. Doors suddenly open. Opportunities arise.

What are the options?

Your company can access student support throughout the year or for a specific period of time. 

Not sure which option your team needs? Email the Alumni Volunteering team at and we’ll help you find the perfect match.


Leeds Summer Internship Programme

  • 8 to 12 week paid summer projects for first and second year undergraduates
  • We’ll collate CVs and cover letters and send them to you
  • You’ll receive support from a Work Placement Officer throughout the recruitment process

Find out more about offering a summer internship.

Graduate internships

  • Can be any length of time
  • These paid roles are similar to summer internships but are only open to current final year students
  • Our Careers Service will support you to develop and advertise roles

Offer an internship

Fill out our internships form to express your interest in offering internships at your organisation.


Year-long work placements

  • Students can work for 9 to 12 months as part of their degree between years two and three
  • Paid roles
  • Provide ongoing support for your team
  • We’ll help you find the most suitable students for your role 

Shorter course-related work placements

  • Students on some courses need part-time placements, eg. one day a week across a term

Offer a work placement

Fill out our placements form to express your interest in offering work placements at your organisation.

Part-time and term-time roles

  • Paid roles
  • Help you fulfil your immediate needs
  • Students work remotely or at your company during their studies

Offer a part-time role

Fill out our placements form to express your interest in offering part-time roles at your organisation.

Placement case study: BOLDT

After volunteering as a Leeds mentor, Jeremy Galbraith (Law 1988) offered a year-long placement in his company – communications consultancy, BOLDT, based in Brussels.

He’s benefitting from the support of talented and enthusiastic Middle Eastern Studies student, Olivia Hansard:

Video transcript: Olivia Hansard speaks about her placement year.

Graduate recruitment

Remember how daunting it was to face the job market when you graduated? Now you can be the person who provides the opportunity Leeds graduates need.

You can advertise jobs directly to our students and recent graduates through our Careers Service. Our careers fairs on campus will connect you to our talented students and help you bring a high-achiever into your organisation.

To find out more about hiring Leeds graduates, please email the Employer team at