Video transcript: Natasha Babar-Evans

Transcript for the video embedded on the Alumni volunteering page.


(University of Leeds logo appears.)

(Natasha Babar-Evans appears, they are stood in front of a building on campus, they turn to the camera and smile. Text says: Natasha Babar-Evans, Masters in Business Administration 2016.)

(Natasha says): I did an MBA here a few years ago and I love coming back to talk to the students about life out there in the real world…

(Footage of campus including students in graduation.)

(Footage returns to Natasha who says:): but also help them with entrepreneurial skills and the importance of it and just generally come and help mentor and coach them. 

I actually studied at medical biochemistry at university and as I went through the degree I enjoyed many aspects of it, but I knew at the end of that, that wasn't the world that I wanted to get into. 

(Natasha walks through a small grassy park, past some modern university buildings.) 

Natasha says: but it's really difficult to then make the leap into something different.

(Students in a study space, using computers.)

I had some great career counselling from some of the people at university and it helped me to take a massive leap into converting to law.

I've had quite a few different roles, but where I started was actually being a lawyer for a local regional law firm called Walker Morrison Leeds and I really enjoyed that I was doing banking law which was a bit different. 

I was really delighted to be asked to come and work for one of the banks and I got to quite a good position in the bank and decided to go and do an MBA.

(Cuts to Natasha sat in café using a laptop, someone hands over a coffee and Natasha smiles then types on the laptop.)

(Footage of Natasha on campus again.)

Natasha says: And it was a fantastic opportunity for me to really work out what I wanted to do in terms of a career and I realised from doing that MBA that actually, I really loved the corporate environment I was working in, but what I really wanted to do was to do more of working for a purpose-led organisation. And I went to work for entrepreneurial spark which is a social enterprise looking after amazing, determined entrepreneurs so I got the opportunity to almost continue my development.

It made me brave to want to be an entrepreneur and after a few years of doing that and loving it I finally made the leap myself to become an entrepreneur and I'm now chief operating officer and owner in a business which is a flexible workspace provider.

(Natasha walks towards a glass-fronted building and enters. Above the door it says Leeds University Business School.)

Natasha says: so with Leeds University leaders in residence, some of the things that we get asked to do is to be on a panel so students get the chance to ask you questions about how you would approach things and things that they're concerned about actually and how they play out in the real working environment.

(Various shots in a busy study space with lots of students having discussions.)

I have attended conferences where I've spoken about entrepreneurship and how corporates are actually trying to be more entrepreneurial in their thinking and how focusing on that might help with your employability. 

(Cuts back to Natasha.)

(Natasha says): What I really love to talk about is really female empowerment and for international women's day I was invited to speak on a panel which was called ‘She leads’ and it was really to give some insights into how I dealt with certain situations and why diversity inclusion is important to me.

(Footage of students in graduation gowns posing for photos and an old building with a sign that says Leeds University Business School.

And then I've also actually spoken to students at the business school as well, so talking to them around why the MBA worked for me and what it helped me analyse and do and how I've used it since then and how it's grown my networks. 

Whilst I was actually doing the MBA I was invited to come and talk to the law students about where my law degree helped me to end up and that wasn't necessarily in law.

(Various shots of students studying together).

I've really enjoyed just basically paying it forward and helping other people.

(Cuts back to Natasha who says): So what I can give them is actually a feel for some of the experiences I've had and how I've approached things and also in terms of my career journey, what's helped to build my confidence.

(Footage of students on campus including groups of students in graduation gowns posing for photos with friends and family.)

(Cuts back to Natasha who says:) Life is not easy at the moment and it's tough in terms of the job market and you have to stand out. I’m hoping that I get them to think about what is going to help them to stand out too.

(Cuts back to Natasha who says:)

It makes me feel good to help other people, makes you listen and listening for me is a massively important skill that's underrated and so yes, volunteering for me has helped me develop as a person as well.

I meet some amazing students and in fact, one of them I met when we knew that we needed some additional intern support at (the company). They came and helped us with some business development research but I also got them involved with every aspect of the business and they got to see all of our workspaces in Leeds. I would have absolutely loved at university to be challenged a little bit more around my future. I would love for someone to sit down and listen to me about what I really wanted and what made me tick.

If I'd had someone I guess like myself who would have asked a few more questions and sat down and spent some time just talking through what is it that you really want, what's your vision for the future.

(Various shots of people sitting in a café, chatting, reading or working on laptops.)

Even if you don't know what your exact vision is, what are the things you love to do? And really help them develop a career path for them. So I want to be that person. I'd love to help other students find their way to making themselves happy.

(Cuts back to Natasha who is smiling.)

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