Accessible path

This route is designed to provide a step-free route across campus for disabled staff, students or others who have access requirements. It takes you from the Parkinson Building to the Worsley Building. It uses a mix of flat or mildly inclined roads and pavements. It also uses lifts in some places.

Also known as the North-South Campus Access Route (NSCAR), this path uses some lifts and takes you through the University’s famous ‘Red Route’ of internal corridor. 

The NSCAR route is marked by internal and external signage. It is open to all staff and students during the University’s main opening times.

Bear in mind that, a key fob may be needed to access the some areas of this route outside of the main University opening hours. You can apply for a fob using the form on our accessible facilities on campus webpage.

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  1. Starting on Cavendish Road, which is just off Woodhouse Lane, with the Parkinson Building's entrance steps at your back, turn right.
  2. Head down the slight decline along Cavendish Road.
  3. Take the first right down Hilary Place, which is predominantly a pedestrian-only road that passes under a building.
  4. Keep going straight ahead until you get to Botany House, a white terrace building, on your left.
  5. Just past Botany House is a pathway. Turn left onto the path, walking past the grassy area on your right.
  6. At the end of the path, turn right up a slight inline through the open gates onto University Precinct.
  7. Immediately turn left once you're through the gates and head down a slight decline to the left of the Leeds University Union building. This is Cromer Road.
  8. After a short distance, there will be a pathway leading off to the left. Take this path. If you reach a footbridge, you've gone too far.
  9. Follow this path until you reach a passageway that runs under the Social Sciences Building, away from the 'Sign for Art' sculpture on your left.
  10. Turn right on this passage and head straight.
  11. Just before the descending flight of stairs ahead of you is the entrance to the Edward Boyle Library on the right-hand side .
  12. Go through the automatic doors into the library, which is open between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, 10am until 5pm on Saturday. It is closed on Sunday. 
  13. Proceed along the Red Route corridor until you reach a T-junction take the right-hand turn.
  14. Take the first left-hand turn and continue along the corridor to the Roger Stevens building.
  15. Keep going along the corridor and bear right. It is wheelchair accessible.
  16. Take the first lift on your right and go down to the ground floor, which is marked as Level 7.
  17. When you exit the lift, turn left to exit the building through two sets of automatic doors.
  18. On exiting the building turn left and make your way along the pavement through the gardens.
  19. Take the second left turning and continue along the paved path with the Garstang Building on your right.
  20. Continue through the automatic doors. You are now inside the Worsley Building.
  21. Keep going through a set of automatic doors. You will reach a T-junction. 
  22. Turn left and keep going through another set of automatic doors.
  23. There are a set of lifts on your right. Select the down button.
  24. Once inside the lift, select the Level 4 button for the Clarendon Way exit. (Select Level 7 for the exit onto the Main Campus level.)
  25. On exiting the lift, turn left. The automatic exit doors will be on your right.
  26. You are now centrally located and on Clarendon Way outside the Worsley Building.