Parking is available on campus on a first come, first served basis. Plan ahead and check out your options before you travel. 

There is a charge for parking although you can ask the department you're visiting to book a space and pay for you in advance (please note, this does not apply to undergraduate or postgraduate open days).

Multi-Storey Car Park

Disabled parking

To use these spaces, your Blue Badge must be on display, plus:

  • Staff and students must hold a permit.
  • Visitors must have booked the space.

Find out more about using a disabled parking space on campus.

Locations of disabled parking spaces

  • Blenheim Terrace, Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied – 1 space
  • Blenheim Terrace, Security Services – 1 space 
  • Careers Centre, Cloberry Street – 1 space
  • Charles Thakrah Building, Clarendon Building – 4 spaces
  • EC Stoner Building, Vernon Road – 2 spaces 
  • Esther Simpson Building, Lyddon Terrace – 3 spaces
  • Hillary Place, School of Education – 1 space
  • Institute for Transport Studies, University Road – 1 space
  • Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building, Beech Grove Terrace – 9 spaces 
  • Marks and Spencer Company Archive – 2 spaces
  • Medical & Biological Engineering, Cemetery Road – 2 spaces
  • Newlyn Building, Mount Preston Street – 2 spaces
  • Office of Wellbeing, Safety & Health, Finsbury Road – 1 space 
  • Orange Zone multi-storey car park, Vernon Road – 34 spaces 
  • Rear of EC Stoner Building, unnamed road – 2 spaces
  • Rear of EC Stoner Building, unnamed road – 2 spaces
  • School of Law, Leeds University Business School – 1 space
  • School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University Road – 2 spaces
  • School of Music, Cavendish Road – 3 spaces
  • Sir William Henry Bragg Building, Woodhouse Lane – 3 spaces
  • The Edge, Willow Terrace Road – 6 spaces
  • The Great Hall, University Road – 3 spaces

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Many of the buildings and facilities on our map have a what3words location that you can view in your browser or using the free app. For more information visit What3Words