Computer clusters

We have a wide variety of computer clusters and study spaces across campus. Find a space to suit you. 


Baines Wing 

Baines Wing Cluster: Room G.07

Bragg Cluster 

Bragg Cluster 

Brotherton Library 

Brotherton Library Cluster: West Building 


  • Chemistry Cluster: Rooms 1.44 and 1.44a
  • Cohen Cluster: Room 1.40
  • Ingold Cluster: Room 1.46

Clinical Sciences Building - St James's University Hospital

Tim de Dombal: Room 4.17b

Clothworkers Link Building

  • Textiles Cluster: Rooms G33/G34
  • Richard Hughes Cluster: Room 1.40

E C Stoner Building

E C Stoner Cluster: Room 7.67 

Edward Boyle Library

  • Edward Boyle Library: Training Room, Level 8, Room 8.06
  • Edward Boyle Library: Group Project Working Area, Level 8
  • Edward Boyle Library Cluster: Level 10 
  • Edward Boyle Library Cluster: Level 11


  • English Cluster: Room 2.02


West Teaching Lab Upper: Room G29

Houldsworth Cluster

Houldsworth Cluster: Room 4.14

Irene Manton Building

  • Irene Manton South Cluster, Room 7.90
  •  Irene Manton North Cluster, Room 7.96

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Cluster: Room 1.46

Parkinson Building

  • B25 Cluster: Room B25
  • B26 and B27 Clusters: Rooms B26 and B27
  • Woolhouse Cluster: Room B32  

Psychology Building

Psychology Cluster: Room 1.43

St Mark’s Residences

St Mark’s Street, Leeds, LS2 9EL

Worsley Building

  • Worsley Building Cluster: Room 8.38
  • Worsley Building Cluster: Room 8.39
  • Worsley Building Fourman Cluster: Room 8.49

More information 

Find out more about computer clusters around campus.