Accommodation locations

Explore our wide variety of accommodation both on and off campus. From modern, purpose-built apartments to converted mansions, there is somewhere to suit everyone.  


Blenheim Point

Central Village

Charles Morris Hall

Comprising: Dobree House, Storm Jameson Court – East and West and Whetton House


Clarence Dock Village

Devonshire Hall

Ellerslie Global Residences

Henry Price Residences

James Baillie Park Flats

Leodis Residences

Lupton Residences

Lyddon Hall

Montagu Burton Residences

North Hill Court

Royal Park Flats

19 Royal Park Road, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1JJ

Sentinel Towers

St Marks Residences

The Tannery

White Rose View

What3Words for White Rose View: ///look.nights.movies

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What3words is a system designed to identify any location with three words. The developers divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. Compared to current street addressing systems, what3words provides more accurate location information. 

Many of the buildings and facilities on our map have a what3words location that you can view in your browser or using the free app. For more information visit What3Words