Biodiversity walk

Explore our Biodiversity walk. Our campus is rich in biodiversity, and home to ducks, peregrines, squirrels, fish, hedgehogs, foxes and rabbits.  

Here you will find some simple directions to help you navigate the Biodiversity Walk on the University of Leeds campus. The route is plotted out on the campus map.


  1. Starting outside the main entrance of the Leeds University Union, with the building on your right, walk along the Precinct.  
  2. At the end of the Union building, follow the path around the end (called Cromer Road) and cross over the foot bridge. 
  3. Follow the footpath past the Stage@Leeds building on your right and take the path to the right, past the front of the Stage@Leeds building. 
  4. Follow this path, passing the School of Earth and Environment building on your right, heading towards the bottom of Cromer Road with Lyddon Hall on your left and the rear entrance of Leeds University Union on the far right (across the grass).
  5. Rather than walking up Cromer Road, walk through the tree-lined path instead that runs parallel on the left side of the road. 
  6. When you reach Cromer Terrace, cross over and head to the left. 
  7. Follow Cromer Terrace all the way along until you meet a junction with Mount Preston street. 
  8. Turn right onto Mount Preston Street and follow the footpath all the way uphill until you meet Clarendon Road. This is a busy road. 
  9. Turn right onto Clarendon Road and follow all the way until you come to a large crossroads, with University Road leading off on the right. 
  10. Turn right onto University Road and walk towards the vehicle barrier. This is a very short distance before reaching Lyddon Terrace leading off to the right. 
  11. Turn right onto Lyddon Terrace, cross the road, then immediately left onto Lifton Place. 
  12. Follow Lifton Place all the way down. You will pass raised automatic bollards and return back to the Precinct at the front of Leeds University Union.