Prayer facilities

We have a number of spaces available on campus for prayer and reflection. Access our prayer facilities and connect with local faith communities.


Chaplaincy, Emmanuel Centre

What3Words for the Chaplaincy, Emmanuel Centre: ///dock.rising.wishes

Catholic Chaplaincy, 5-7 St Mark’s Avenue

What3Words for the Catholic Chaplaincy, 5-7 St Mark’s Avenue: ///oasis.dozed.washed

Cemetery Lodge – closed for refurbishment until early 2024

What3Words for the Cemetery Lodge: ///track.stews.cherry

Leeds University Union

What3Words for the Leeds University Union: ///

Muslim Prayer Hall, Conference Auditorium

What3Words for the Muslim Prayer Hall Conference Auditorium: ///

Hillel House

What3Words for Hillel House: ///shadow.clever.script

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What3words is a system designed to identify any location with three words. The developers divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. Compared to current street addressing systems, what3words provides more accurate location information. 

Many of the buildings and facilities in our directory have a what3words location that you can view in your browser or using the free app. For more information visit What3Words.