Low carbon infrastructure transition in the North of England report

A shift to low carbon infrastructure is of vital importance across the North of England.

This report outlines the key findings from a pilot interdisciplinary project conducted by Energy Leeds researchers, which focuses on how local councils can facilitate a low carbon infrastructure transition, and the associated socio-economic challenges and opportunities linked to this transition.

The project includes case-studies of best practice from around the country and results from stakeholder workshops and an online citizen discussion, conducted in collaboration with the northern city councils of Leeds, Bradford, and Hull. 

Findings suggest that the success of low-carbon infrastructure transition depends on bringing together a range of stakeholders including small businesses and the public, on setting milestones, on transparent communication, on long-term investment and joined-up policy decision making. Social enterprises around low-carbon infrastructure transition initiated by citizens and supported by councils can be an important contribution.

Our results also show that citizens, supported by experts and councils, can be involved in developing transition projects, and deciding, which ones should be prioritised, depending on the local needs and challenges. 

If you would like to have access to the data generated through the online citizen discussion, please email Viktoria Spaiser at v.spaiser@leeds.ac.uk or email Nicole Nisbett at n.nisbett@leeds.ac.uk.