Teachers and advisors

Teachers and advisors

We believe that all students with the potential to benefit from university should have an equal opportunity to do so, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.

In partnership with teams across the University, the Educational Engagement service works throughout the UK with schools and colleges to raise awareness of, and aspirations towards, higher education. Our aim is to widen access for under-represented groups, encouraging and supporting the brightest and best students progress to university and succeed in their studies and future careers.

Information on the impact of our widening participation activities and initiatives can be accessed in our Annual Report 2020-21.

We offer an extensive programme of outreach initiatives and events which we deliver in schools, on campus and online to inspire and inform young learners about the variety of opportunities and routes open to them when considering, and applying to, university. 

To help you plan future activity with us our you can find information on our programme of talks, workshops and enrichment events in the Supporting Students and Supporting Teachers and Advisors in the left-hand menu of this page. If you would like to book an activity, please email the Education Outreach team at educationoutreach@leeds.ac.uk.

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Upcoming events

  • Teachers and Advisors' Conference

    This free conference takes place on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at the University of Leeds. It is designed to support staff who have specific responsibilities for progression and guidance to higher education.

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  • Leeds Summer Schools

    Summer schools take place in June and July 2023. Designed for Year 12 learners, they provide an opportunity to explore a chosen subject area and experience what it’s like to live and learn at Leeds.

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