Leeds Masters Scholarship FAQs

Here are the main questions we receive from applicants during the Leeds Masters Scholarship application process.


Does Leeds Masters Scholarship cover fees or maintenance?

Leeds Masters Scholarship is paid directly to you in eight monthly instalments per year of study. If you are studying over more than one year of study, your scholarship is split evenly amongst these years. You can use the Leeds Masters Scholarship payments to pay for your fees or maintenance costs, or anything else you need.

Remember though, as a Masters student you are responsible for making the arrangements to pay your fees yourself.

Must I have applied for my Masters course before I can apply for Leeds Masters Scholarship?

No, you can apply for Leeds Masters Scholarship before you have applied for your Masters course at Leeds. Note: this may not be the case for other scholarships in the University.

Can I apply after the deadline? I didn’t know about the scholarship.

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications after the closing date under any circumstances. This is because we shortlist applicants immediately after the application closing date.

Can EU or international students apply?

Unfortunately only students paying fees at the UK rate (including those with settled status) are eligible for Leeds Masters Scholarship. If you are unsure what residency status you have, please check this with your school’s admissions team.

Can part-time students apply?

Yes, part-time students are eligible to apply. If you are studying part time, your scholarship can be split across the number of years you will study.

Can I apply for Leeds Masters Scholarship if I've applied for a Postgraduate Loan from the government?

Yes, you can receive a Postgraduate Loan from the government and still apply for Leeds Masters Scholarship.

Can I still apply for Leeds Masters Scholarship if I haven’t applied for a Postgraduate Loan from the government?

Yes, you can apply for a Leeds Masters Scholarship even if you have not applied for the government’s Postgraduate Loan. You are not eligible for Leeds Masters Scholarship if more than 50% of your fees are being paid by an employer or public-funding body.

I meet all the eligibility criteria. Will I get a scholarship?

Meeting the criteria does not mean you will automatically receive a scholarship. Leeds Masters Scholarship is very popular, so there are also many other factors which help us decide who is awarded a scholarship.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

You probably won’t find out until mid August whether or not your application has been successful. After the closing date we assess all the applications as quickly as possible. However, this takes some time because we have to assess against a large number of criteria.

How much detail should I give in my answers?

Give as much detail as you can in your answers to make sure we can assess your application as fairly as possible.  The scoring process takes into account both financial and non-financial criteria, so if there are circumstances which have, now or previously, affected you whilst studying, we encourage you to mention these in your application. We can only consider the information you provide in the application.

What evidence do I need to submit and when?

You will only be asked to submit evidence to support your application if you have been provisionally selected for a scholarship or if you are a reserve candidate. If we do ask you to supply evidence, you will need to prove that you meet the financial criteria on the Leeds Masters Scholarships page. We may also ask for other evidence, depending what else you say in your application. We will explain this clearly at the time.

Why do I have to register with Disability Services for my disability to be considered?

To make sure all applicants receive a fair assessment of any disability, the University’s trained disability advisors (in Disability Services) will decide if your disability can be considered as part of your scholarship application. We advise you to register with Disability Services, as soon as you have completed your Leeds Masters Scholarship application to avoid delays, even if you are not certain you will study at Leeds.

Why are there so many different financial criteria?

Part of your application will be scored against financial criteria. Changes in government funding over the years mean you may be asked for different information, depending on when you graduated. This may include whether you had a maintenance loan, a grant or bursary, or what your annual income is. Read the Leeds Masters Scholarships page to find out which financial information you will need to provide.

What is the Plus Programme?

All Leeds Masters Scholarship recipients have access to the Plus Programme which supports students from under-represented backgrounds. It provides dozens of free, exclusive events, pastoral support and extra funding opportunities for over 3,500 students at the University.