Educational Engagement Outreach Programme privacy notice

This privacy notice tells you what to expect us to do with your personal data when you are taking part in our activities and provides you with details of who controls that information. 

Updated: 2 August 2022 

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear you can contact us: 

Kathie Hunter, email:   

Our data protection officer is Alice Temple. You can contact her by: 

Phone: 0113 2431751 

The university’s data controller registration number provided by the Information Commissioner's Office is: Z553814X 

How we collect your information

The information we have about you is provided by: 

  • You when you register for our projects 
  • Your teacher when they register you for our projects 
  • Your parent/carer when they complete the parent forms 

How we use your information and how long we keep it 

Please select information for your project from the following list: 

Who we might share this information with  

To help us to organise and evaluate projects we may share data with other teams in the University.  

We may share some of your information with other organisations who work with us to administer activities as part of this project, for example, your contact details, health, religious or dietary information.  We will only share necessary information and will do this anonymously where possible, if we do share information that could identify you, we will only do this with your Consent.  

We may also include statistical information (in which you will not be identified) in internal and external reports and articles, both physical and online. Examples would include reports to regulatory bodies such as the Office for Students, funding organisations, and other partners we work with during the event.  

How we keep this information secure

The information we hold about you will be stored on secure systems at the University of Leeds. 

Your data will be accessible to university staff involved in administering and monitoring outreach and/or applications to the university.   

Your data will not be transferred outside the EU. 

Our lawful basis for processing your data 

We will assess your eligibility to take part, administer your participation in the project and monitor the success of the project under Public Task. 

We will ask you for disability/health, dietary and religious data to support your participation and to ensure the activities are inclusive of your needs.  We will only process this if you give us your Explicit Consent. 

In the event of an emergency where you are unable to give your Consent, we may share your health information with medical professionals where it is necessary to protect your Vital Interests. 

We sometimes take photographs/films during events to help promote our projects.  We will always let you know when this is happening and you will have the opportunity to opt out of having your image captured. 

We may contact you with information about other relevant opportunities such as projects, resources or information about higher education; we will only do this if you give us your Consent. 

Special category data 

The University of Leeds has a public duty to improve the diversity on our courses and we may ask you for sensitive data known as special category data, this includes things like ethnicity and health data.   

Some of our projects prioritise particular groups and we will ask you for special category data so that we can check that you are eligible.   

Some of our projects ask for your special category data on an anonymous form this helps us to monitor diversity on our projects and courses.   

Asking for your data to be removed or deleted 

To fulfil your participation in the project we need to be able to process your contact details and your parent/carer data where their permission is required for you to take part. If you do not want us to use your data in this way, then unfortunately you will not be able to participate.    

If you do not wish us to use your data to track which projects you take part in and which courses you apply to at the university, you have the right to opt out of this and still participate in the project. 

Some of our projects have eligibility criteria and we will need to process data to ensure you meet those criteria, for example ethnicity data, health data, postcode; when this applies, we will let you know before you sign up. If you do not want us to use your data in this way then unfortunately, we will not be able to check your eligibility and you will not be able to participate. 

If you do not wish us to use your ethnicity and disability to track diversity on our projects, you can opt out of this and still participate in the project. Please note that once your data has been anonymised for statistical purposes it will no longer be able to be identified for deletion.   

To make the activities inclusive of your needs, we will ask for data on health and disability, dietary and religious requirements.  You can choose to opt out of this, however if you do not disclose data relating to your health, dietary and/or religious requirements then we may not be able to make the event accessible for you.  

Photographs/recordings may be shared on our website, in emails to schools and to partner organisations and on social media, and we will not be able to delete copies after they have been shared in these forums. 

Your data protection rights 

You have the right to: 

  • withdraw consent at any time where that is the legal basis of our processing; 
  • access your personal data that we process; 
  • rectify inaccuracies in personal data that we hold about you; 
  • be forgotten, that is your details to be removed from systems that we use to process your personal data; 
  • restrict the processing in certain ways; 
  • obtain a copy of your data in a commonly used electronic form; 
  • object to certain processing of your personal data by us. 

Please see the Information Commissioner Offie website for further information on the above rights. You may also contact Kathie Hunter on  for further information about our outreach and how we treat your data. 

You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office about the way in which we process your personal data. Please see the Information Commissioner Offie website.

Information Commissioner’s Office 

Wycliffe House 
Water Lane
SK9 5AF 

Phone: 0303 123 1113