Investing and innovating in education


A major part of our investment at Leeds is the appointment of academics who excel in their subject and pass their knowledge and experience on to their students. Between 2014 and 2017 we are recruiting over 250 academic fellows to tenure-track positions and 40 world-leading professors. 

Teaching innovation 

Leeds is a sector-leader in educational innovation. Teaching at the University is continually changing and evolving as staff take advantage of technology changes, test new ideas, and respond to the needs of our students and employers.

Our staff have been awarded 26 National Teaching Fellowships – more than any other university

Staff are supported in developing their skills and ideas in student education. As well as a comprehensive staff development programme, we have a strong culture of innovation and those staff wanting to pilot new approaches to teaching can apply for education fellowships. This work is nurtured through the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence which also provides a network for our education fellows. 

Technology enhanced learning

Technology is allowing us to open up a Leeds education to students who want to use distance learning and to enrich teaching on our campus.

Enriching teaching 

Currently 72% of lectures are recorded so students can re-watch them - exploring the material at their own pace - and there have been over two million views of content. In time we aim to make this available for all lectures. Leeds produces a large range of digital assets to support education but also advises students on how digital materials, including iTunes U, iBooks, YouTube and online courses can be used. These resources support their study at Leeds and beyond. Read more about our digital learning team

Our students benefit from access to a virtual interactive classroom, Blackboard Collaborate. There is a growing use of mobile tools, including the use of mobile voting in lectures and survey completion through our mobile app, UniLeeds.

Technology is enhancing teaching on campus and allowing us to offer new academic opportunities for students, including free online language courses, a module to help new students 'Study in a digital age' and materials to support the Leeds Curriculum.

Leeds digital learning team won the 2015 Association for Learning Technology team award

Award winning

The University won the Times Higher Education award for Outstanding Digital Innovation in Teaching or Research for our Virtual Landscapes project. The project uses a computer gaming tool to simulate field trips for students studying a course with a geology element – enabling them to explore a digital environment as they would a real one.  

Online courses

Online courses are one of the many ways we widen participation. Leeds delivers free online courses through FutureLearn and these include 15 two-week courses which attracted over 220,000 school level learners.

Investment in facilities

Leeds is investing £520m in the campus over the next five years. Major developments include the new Laidlaw library which opened in 2015 and a major refurbishment of the existing Edward Boyle library.

We have invested £2.8m in changing teaching space to support collaborative learning, including redesigning some of our lecture theatres. Read more about the lecture theatre investment

Student support

Our Student Education Service was created in 2014 to better support students across the University. The service aims to promotes a consistent, high-quality student experience and brings together cross-institutional networks of staff specialising in admissions, assessment, programme support, quality assurance and student support.

The Student Education Service has a comprehensive website which brings together all the information students need throughout their time at Leeds as well as providing staff with easy access to our policies, processes and guidance on education