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Nanotechnology clean room in engineering

Research facilitiesFrom nano-technology clean rooms to our textiles lab, our facilities are exceptional

We have an impressive range of facilities to support our research. Bioelectronics are being developed in our nano-technology clean rooms, outdoor clothing can be tested for warmth and wear in our technical textiles lab, and car safety is being improved in our driving simulator.

Search our state-of-the-art equipment and research infrastructure through the N8 shared database

­Below we've highlighted some key facilities in our research-intensive faculties, along with major supporting infrastructure, such as libraries and high performance computing.


If you're looking to locate a particular item of research equipment you can search the new N8 database­, which holds details of all the equipment and facilities across the N8 university partnership, or alternatively please see our faculty web pages for more detail of work in each area of the University.­


­Leeds has one of the largest academic research librari­es in the UK with collections gathered throughout its 100 year history. The full catalogue also provides access to an extensive range of electronic journals available online. Read more about the libraries

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