Joint honours

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Joint honours student

The University of Leeds offers one of the most varied selections of two-subject degrees in the country. Our joint honours programmes allow you to specialise in two subject areas, giving you great flexibility and the chance to explore your interests further. You can study familiar subjects or explore new ones.

Joint honours courses can lead to unique opportunities in research and further study at postgraduate level, as well as making you attractive to a wider range of potential employers.

Employers welcome the ability of joint honours graduates to study across subject areas, and the employment record of our graduates is excellent.

Many of our graduates go on to PGCE, MA, MSc or PhD work. Joint honours students develop the vital skill of recognising links between different disciplines.  Some of the most important research takes place at the interface between different subjects, and joint honours graduates are very well equipped to carry this out. +44 (0)113 343 2336