Fee status, funding, fee deposit and when to pay

Tuition fee deposits for postgraduate Masters students

If you are a taught postgraduate applicant to Leeds* who needs a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK the University requires you to pay a tuition fee deposit of £1,500. This deposit is to be paid within a specified timescale after you have met all your academic and language conditions and accepted your unconditional offer. Your right then to withdraw and ask for a refund of the deposit is very limited (please see our Frequently Asked Questions).

We will only issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) after you have supplied all necessary data (eg passport details) and  paid your tuition fee deposit. You will need this CAS number to make a Tier 4 student visa application.

The University of Leeds requires a tuition fee deposit before issuing a CAS for a number of reasons including to meet good practice standards as a Highly Trusted Sponsor of Tier 4 students and to help give you the best chance of a smooth visa application. Your deposit payment also demonstrates your commitment to the University of Leeds. This commitment helps us to plan our resources and ensure you have the best possible experience when you arrive in Leeds.

The tuition fee deposit will be deducted from your programme tuition fee and will be shown on your CAS. This ensures visa officials know you have made an advance payment. You are able to make additional payments if you wish.


Students studying on pre-sessional programmes at the University of Leeds Language Centre are not required to pay a tuition fee deposit for their masters programme, provided they have fully paid their language course fees.

Students who are sponsored by a University of Leeds recognised sponsor are not required to pay a tuition fee deposit but must provide appropriate evidence of official sponsorship.

To find out more about tuition fee deposits, including the right to a refund, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions

*Special rules apply to School of Dentistry postgraduate applicants. Please see course listings on www.leeds.ac.uk/coursefinder for details.

Information for all postgraduate students

Fee status assessment

You are classified as either a "home" or "international" student for the purpose of assessing tuition fees. Only certain categories of students will be charged the "home" tuition fee. Where it is not clear from your application form whether you have "home" or "international" status, a Fees Assessment Form will be sent to you for completion.
For further information and advice, you can consult the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Scholarships and financial help

Postgraduate students at Leeds benefit from around £10m of funding from the University and externally. Postgraduate scholarships are available to international, UK and EU students and you may be eligible.

For enquiries about postgraduate scholarships email pg_scholarships@leeds.ac.uk

If you are experiencing severe hardship you could get help with your living expenses from the access to learning fund (ALF). You would need to have applied for all other available means of support first and should be aware that the ALF is not intended to provide core living costs for postgraduate students.

If you had enough funding at the start of your course and have since had a change in financial circumstances, or if you have dependents, are unable to work due to a disability, or have other exceptional / emergency costs, you may be eligible for an award.

When to pay

Find out when and how to pay

For further details of fees and charges, contact:

Accounts Receivable
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
email: fees@leeds.ac.uk
tel: 0113 343 6054